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UK based designers and producers of 3D printed tablet wall mounts, cases and gadgets for home automation projects.

In a sleepy village 5 miles from Taunton, the County Town of Somerset, is a room full of 3D printers (currently 17), churning out designs aimed at filling a gap in the UK Home Automation market. While we focus on designing and producing wall mounts that allow popular Android based tablets to be used as home automation dashboards, we also produce a range of other products and can be commissioned to produce custom designs for any project.

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Tablet Wall Mounts Designed and Produced in the UK


Wall mounts for Lenovo, Samsung and Amazon Fire Tablets. Designed and produced in the UK. Perfect for displaying Home Assistant, Hubitat or Actiontiles dashboards.

The 3D Room Evolution

A background to how we started producing fondant stamps and cookie cutters and, why we have now stopped.
UK light switch cover front and rear frame

UK Light Switch Cover For Smart Lighting

Put a barrier between those perpetual switch flippers and your smart bulbs with this easy to fit light switch cover for standard UK light switches.
Ironing with Simplify 3D


This post provides details of the processes we at use The 3D Room to implement ironing (neo-sanding) within Simplify3D. Its not ‘check box simple’ but can produce fantastic results.

Where are the Fondant Stamps & Cookie CUtters?

With the exception of Scalloped Cutters with Dimple Presses, we are regrettably no longer producing fondant stamps and cookie cutters.

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